My 3 Favorite things

   One of my favorite things to do is rescue animals. My dad worked at the Columbus Zoo for 24 years so I grew up around animals. I love animals and I like being around them. I play with dogs and throw toys for them to catch. I have three dogs and I play with them a lot. I also have a turtle that I like holding. Turtles are one of my favorite animals, but I think all animals are cool.

Cool Animals

   I think there are many animals that have to be rescued. Every animal deserves a home just like us. It’s very sad to see an animal that doesn’t have a home, especially the ones on the streets. The animals on the streets have an even harder time because they have no one taking care of them and they have nowhere to go. They are usually stray cats and dogs who are not used to being outside. They might not survive by themselves.

   This is where animal rescue helps. Animal rescue rescues animals who don’t have a home and are in danger. There are even wild animals who are in danger because of poaching. I get mad when I hear about poachers killing endangered animals. No animal should be hunted to extinction. All of this makes me want to rescue animals. I don’t care if it might be risky because I would like doing it. How far would you go to rescue an animal? Animal RescueLaguna Atascosa, Texas, Tortoise photolibrarian via Compfight


I haven’t met any big goals yet because of not having my project fully planned. Also, we have not made any big goals yet because our mentor hasn’t responded. I don’t know why he did not respond.I feel hurried I feel hurried because we have not done much and we are running out of time. we plan to raise money for the Red Cross by having a soccer tournament. The game will raise money that we can donate to the Red Cross for the natural disaster repairs.

The December goals are to have a mentor and time. The way we are going to do is to try and email Mr. Duasch.


 Megan RapinoeCreative Commons License Jamie Smed via Compfight

My Favorite 3 holidays

I like Christmas because I like snow fights and I like making snow forts. Me and my family do that every year. I also like Christmas because of the gifts. That is my favorite part. Also the snow and hot chocolate is cool.

Cup of Fresh LatteCreative Commons License Marco Verch via Compfight

I also like Easter because you are kind of playing hide and seek. Also you get candy! Me and my brother and my sister have a competition. It’s who can find all of their eggs first. Sometimes we get money!

I also like Halloween because you get candy, mostly chocolate. Twix and Kit Kat are my favorite. Also, I like dressing in scary costumes. Plus I like scary things and halloween is scary. I dressed as Boba Fett this year.


Boba Fett

snow fort

If I were Principal/Teacher for a week

If I were principal for a week the first thing I would do is allow sweat pants if kids wanted to wear them. Sweatpants are comfortable and easy to run around in. Kids already can’t wear shorts. The next thing I would do is have a break after lunch where kids could go outside and run around if they wanted to get fresh air. Another thing I would do if I was the principal for a week is make Free Seat Friday on the buses. This can reward good kids but if you haven’t been good then you have to stay in your assigned seat. The last thing I would do is clean the cafeteria floor. There is always food on the ground under the tables.

Sentarum elementary school CIFOR via CompfightTeachingCreative Commons License Joris Louwes via Compfight

If I were a teacher for a week the first thing I would do is say that you don’t have to sign out your agenda to go to the restroom. This takes up a lot of time. The next thing I would do is make a rule that each class has a certain day of the week to give out homework. Language Arts could only give out homework on Monday. Science could only give out homework on Wednesday. Some days only one class gives out homework and other days every class gives out homework. Another thing I would do is get with other teachers and make sure we are not having a test on the same day. That way students have time to study.

Gray middle school

New haven Elementary school

20% Blog

For my 20% project I am doing a soccer tournament to raise money for American Red Cross. I am working with Owen.

I’m feeling worried because we have a lot to get done for this tournament, but also exited to work with other kids. Also we haven’t gotten a yes from Mr. Collins to be our mentor.

Our major goals would be to get all of the sign up sheets and info sheets done over Winter Break. We are going to achieve this goal by communicating on Google docs to get about 3,000 copies of both.

The tournament hopefully will be in March.

See my Visual Aide for more information.

Halloween 2017!

 All day I was thinking about Halloween. I couldn’t wait for school to be over. All I could think about was getting candy. I did not get to go trick or treating last year because I was sick but my mom let me pick out two bags of candy from the store. I got Kit Kat and Twix.
Japanese Kit-Kat (2016) jpellgen (@1179_jp) via Compfight

For Halloween I dressed as Boba Fett. When I finally got ready, my brother and I ran from house to house getting candy. I was having fun. We saw a Scream costume, T-Rex and a lot of dogs in costumes. My favorite was was the T-Rex.

When I was finished my brother and I raced home. My parents were still passing out candy. When I checked my bag, I saw that I had a lot of candy. When I went to bed I thought about all the costumes that I saw and about all of my candy. I had a good time.


Boba Fett

scream 3
















Grizzly Bear’s Situation

Papa Grizzly Bear JLS Photography – Alaska via Compfight

Activity 3:

Grizzly was a grizzly bear. He just came from eating salmon at the river. He was walking through the forest to go back to his den. Just as he got through the trees, he heard a loud BANG! The bark came off the tree that he was standing next to. When he looked up he saw a hunter close by. The hunter was shooting at him. Grizzly had two choices.  He could run for his den and be safe, or he could attack the hunter.

(Note: Thank you for reading Grizzly Bear’s Situation. Now you get to choose the ending! Please comment with your ending.)

Why I choose my avatar

I choose this Avatar because I thought he looked like an Imperial Officer from Star Wars. The background is black and the avatar is red. These are my favorite colors and black and red is the bad side. He has a blue light saber and a cool looking gun that is red, black and blue. He also has a jetpack.

Another reason I chose this avatar is I think he looks cool. He has black glasses and looks all serious. He has a mohawk which is one of my favorite hair styles and his hair is black. I like his gray skin.

The minimiser

My passion

I am passionate about soccer and football. I have been playing soccer since I was 5. I have been watching football longer than that! I play soccer every fall and spring. I have always played for a rec league. This year my dad is the coach!

I am passionate about watching football. I knew all the teams when I was little. I keep stats with mini football helmets. My favorite NFL team is the Bengals and my favorite player is AJ Green. I would like to be a kicker for the Bengals. This is my passion.



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